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Are your Lip Liquids safe for use?

Are your Lip Liquids safe for use?

Short answer: Absolutely. TKB's Lip Liquid colors are made from food grade castor oil and batch-certified cosmetic-grade color additives as well as other cosmetic ingredients.  TKB Gloss Base is also cosmetic grade and FDA compliant.

Longer answer:

The FDA has labeling guidelines for cosmetics (

When we started upgrading our labels to be "pretty" instead of the usual basic Zebra label, we over-thought things and add the following language:

Warning - The safety of this product has not been determined.

This warning is standard language that the FDA would require on a product that might have ingredients which can't be reasonably presumed to be safe.  However, our products fall fully into the realm of "reasonably presumed to be safe" and including that warning statement was not appropriate and has caused unnecessary confusion for our customers. 

We sincerely apologize for "erring on the side of caution" and we will be removing the statement and updating our site with additional information.

Here is the language from the FDA about what is reasonable:

 The safety of a cosmetic may be considered adequately substantiated if experts qualified by scientific training and experience can reasonably conclude from the available toxicological and other test data, chemical composition, and other pertinent information that the product is not injurious to consumers under conditions of customary use and reasonably foreseeable conditions of misuse.

The safety of a cosmetic can adequately be substantiated by:

a. Reliance on available toxicological test data on its ingredients and on similar products, and

b. Performance of additional toxicological and other testing appropriate in the light of the existing data.

Even if the safety of each ingredient has been substantiated, there usually still is at least some toxicological testing needed with the formulated product to assure adequate safety substantiation.

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