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We are shipping in 1-3 business days.
We are shipping in 1-3 business days.

About Us

Stands for Truth Knowledge and Beauty


Great prices, 100's of colors, high-end raw materials, easy starter kits, and beautiful packaging.  TKB has been helping people make their own cosmetics, personal care products and art for over 20 years. Whether you are a startup indie beauty business, a creative professional, or simply a color-curious crafter: TKB is here for you.  We are fanatical about quick shipping, keeping you on trend, and sparking your creativity.


How We Got Started

TKB was founded in 1995 by wife and husband Kaila Westerman and Trung Bui. Their original vision was to create a company which would use business and commerce to help lift the Vietnamese people out of poverty and the long-term effects of war. Over the past 20 plus years, the vision has evolved into the following mission statement:  

TKB's mission is to help people become their best selves through self-employment and creative commerce. 


Truth, Knowledge and Beauty

There is nothing more rewarding and exciting for TKB then seeing baby entrepreneurs grow into brands which support their families and employ others.  What often begins in backyard workshops and kitchens become sustaining and exciting ventures for our customers.  Some have even grown into known brands featured in outlets such as Forever 21 or Sephora. #IndieBeauty #HowtoMakeCosmetics #NaturalCrafting are exploding and #TKBtrading  is thrilled to support the community. In addition to its commitment to its customers, TKB is a huge advocate of its staff, all of whom are either immigrants or children of immigrants.  The company has a generous educational reimbursement program; flex-time scheduling, and it offers benefits such as outside coaching and business travel. Employees at TKB know that they are valued and encouraged and they extend the same energy to all of our customers.




TKB is a dynamic and evolving company operating in a dynamic and evolving space (#tkbtrading  #HowtoMakeCosmetics).  Our daily focus is to get those orders out as quickly as possible and to source and provide ever more variety of raw materials and recipes.  Keeping you On Trend is so important and we really look forward to working with you and seeing the amazing things you create.