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What is Duochrome Makeup? Check Out TKB Red Oak and Sugar Maple

What is Duochrome Makeup? Check Out TKB Red Oak and Sugar Maple


TKB Trading Duochrome Micas for DIY Beauty, Eyeshadow


When it comes to eyeshadows and micas, the most common finishes are matte, satin, shimmery and glittery. 

But what about those cool shadows that shift and change colors before your very eyes?

These unique eyeshadow colors are referred to as duochrome, or multichrome colors. They have a metallic, chrome finish and signature ability to reflect multiple, gorgeous colors!

As many DIY beauty crafters have found, you have to source duochrome mica colors as is. Read our previous blog post about why making your own duochromes is not possible.

Which is why we’re happy to release our latest duochrome mica colors:

TKB Red Oak- Shifts light green, purple and red:

TKB Sugar Maple- Shifts red, orange and yellow:

Red Oak and Sugar Maple are approved for eyes and lips while also being vegan and dye-free. The colors reflect best when mixed with a wet or liquid base such as TKB Gloss Base for lips or Mineral Wetliner for eyes.


Here some other popular duochrome micas from TKB Trading:

TKB Chameleon Glitter- Shifts sparkly brown, red and green

TKB Chameleon Fine- Shifts fine brown, green and red

TKB Princess Merida- Shifts sparkly pink to tangerine orange

TKB Robin- Shifts pink, green and gold


Shop all TKB cosmetic grade colors today!

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