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The Next Big Thing -- Three Custom Color Cosmetics

Where I stumbled last time I was websurfing . . .

Trae Bodge, a New Yorker has partnered to create a business called Three Custom Color Makeup. She started as a tiny mail order lipstick and blush biz and started going gang busters after just a year. read her technique for custom-making lipsticks at $50 a pair.

Trae's business site, which She has some very interesting information there about how to i.d your "cool vs. warm" tones, and what will look best on on you as a result.

I was also nicely wow'd by her "Press" section. You can see why her business is booming -- she's got some savvy PR partners working with her, getting the company name into lots of flashy magazines. And Trae was even featured in Elle magazine in April!

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