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Color Blending till the Cows Come Home

I've had a week of color blending. Swatching colors across my forearm and fingers so many times during the day that my skin is a little raw.

I just spent four hours "duping" a single color, and I am awed. That I get to have such a great job, that it took me so long, that I actually succeeded.

Here's what I've learned so far:
  • A single blend probably consists of no more than 5 elements.
  • Start with the pigment base. To that add the hilite. To that add the main hue. Finish with the complementary tweaking to neutralize the hue.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • Take breaks between attempts.
  • Keep notes and samples.
  • Ask other people for feedback.
  • Count Blessings.

Kaila Westerman
TKB Trading, LLC
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