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We currently ship in 1-3 days.

Community Participation Update

For those who have been following TKB's steps towards community participation, we are happy to announce our first community-based class coming this Thursday.

I was approached by teacher Kate Sugarman of Arise High School to do some kind of presentation for her class "Money Really Does Grow on Trees". Here is a description of the class:

Since the beginning of time, people have been making household products from things found in nature. In this class, you will learn how you too can develop a business based on natural, organic products. We will forage for fruit and flowers, make essential oils, paper, soap, candles and edible treats. We will also be building the ARISE greenhouse to propagate and grow our own seedlings. Along the way, we will visit various Bay Area merchants to interview people about running a successful, natural business. At Exhibition Night, our products will go on sale. Interested students can keep their businesses going throughout the year. Keep a little extra cash in your pocket!

We will be looking at two different products here at TKB. The first will be lip products (lipsticks, chapsticks, balms, etc.) and I will explain the different types of plant based oils, waxes and color additives one can use. Of course, each student will also get the thrill of unmolding a lipstick into a casing, as well as to make their own product.

The second project will be melt and pour soapmaking. We will again look at the plant based ingredients but we will also focus on how to design a soap which will "sell". We will be doing fortune soaps. This is a project where you design a fortune, laminate it with packing tape, and then put it in a small zip lock bag which you fill with soap. This way you have a small prepacked travel soap the student can take home with them, and a unique fortune inside.

I am pleased to support ARISE which is a school specifically tasked to prepare students from low income families to be the first in their families to attend college.
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