Lip Liquid - 11 Dyes Collection

$ 27.65
SKU KV-503-1/2floz
Assortment of ELEVEN Lake Dyes predispersed in Castor Oil. Perfect for lippie projects.

The pack includes: Red 33, Red 30, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 27, Red 7, Blue 1, Red 40, Red 6, Red 21, and Orange 5.

Castor Oil, Red #30 (73360), Red 7 (15850:1), Blue #1 (42090), Red 40 (16035), Yellow 5 (19140), Red 6 (15850), Yellow 6 (15985), Red 33 (17200), Yellow 5 (19140:1), Orange 5 (45370:1), Red 27 (45410:1), Red 21 (45380:2).

Our predispersed liquids are not only easier to use and less messy than working with powders (which we also sell), they have been specially milled to make sure that the dyes are well-dispersed into the oil. As a result, there is no chance of grittiness or "blooms" of color which are the result of a dye or pigment that has been poorly dispersed (or hand-mixed) into the oil.

Recommended Add-On

Twist Top Spout for 2-16 fluid ounce bottle

Twist Top Spout for 32 fluid ounce bottle

Our Lip Liquids are super easy to use lake dyes or pigments predispersed in castor oil.Of course, our Lip Liquids may also be used in other projects such as soaps, lotions, etc. Anything where there is an oil phase.