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We ship in 1-3 business days. We're closed July 4 & 5 for the holidays
We ship in 1-3 business days. We're closed July 4 & 5 for the holidays
3 Beauty DIYs for Your Valentine

3 Beauty DIYs for Your Valentine

Can’t think of a Valentine’s Day worthy gift for your friends, family, or significant other? Here are 3 beauty DIYs that will show them your labor of love. You can even save some for yourself! After all, self-love is not excluded when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

#1 - Lip Gloss

We just launched a new lip gloss base called TKB Glass Base (Flexagel) with user-friendliness and wearability in mind. This is a ready-to-wear lip gloss, so all you have to do is mix in your favorite TKB Lip Liquid Colors and voila! You have a finished product! Go for a bold look with Strong Red, or the perfect pout with Yummy Pink. Learn how to make lip gloss with our handy-dandy how-to guide and video here.


                                    Strong Red                                           Yummy Pink

#2 - Liquid Eyeshadow

Spice up any Valentine’s Day look with a sassy eyeshadow! Our TKB Mousse Medium is a versatile, lightweight, cream-colored base for making eye shadow, blush, highlighter and foundations. Mix this with our eye-safe pigments like Sparkle Rose, Hot Step Mama, or Murasaki Manganese for a pop of color. Check out our video and learn how to make eyeshadow for any occasion! 


#3 - Nail Polish

Is your Valentine a nail polish junkie? We’ve got you covered! Take your pick from our collection of Nail Polish Bases and make your own nail polish with TKB’s Nail Polish Concentrates or Powder Pigments that are also perfect stand alone colors. We even have a lovely guide to teach you how to make your own nail polish. Check it out here



Finding the perfect gift can be hard, so why not create the perfect gift yourself? TKB Trading offers a wide variety of high-quality products to fulfill every DIYer’s dreams! Share your lovely creations by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @tkbtrading.

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