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Double Refined Candy

$ 1.65

A natural vegetable wax. The double refinement makes it especially suited to lip products.

Candellia (Euphorbia Cerifera)Wax

A lip product made with regular candelilla, tends to go grainy (gritty, sandy texture) either immediately or over the course of a few weeks or months. Also, customers report that regular candelilla poured into a "propel style" lip balm tube tends to break off the mechanism, making the tube non-functioning.

Double Refinded Candy is much more lady-like than that! She has been filtered to remove the natural resins found in the leaf of the plant. As a result, she does not go grainy (not ever!) and she plays nice with the lip balm tube's propel mechanism.

She is not actually "Candy", that's just her name. She is 100% pure Candelilla Wax, and proud of it!

The product does not contain gluten.