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Coloring Salts, Crystals and Salt Potpourri


Making Salt Crystal Potpourri is a simple process. The trickiest part is the coloring of the crystals. You have 3 choices for colorings: Liquid Based, Glycerin Based or Mica Powders. The liquid based colorings will dry the best, glycerin will be a nice translucent coloring and Mica gives you opalescent options. You can also simply rinse the crystals for a "glass like" look.

Add Fragrance and Color. Lay the Crystals out on Parchment to dry. If you’re using liquid or glycerin colorants, an easy way to color the crystals is by wearing rubber gloves and rubbing the color on the crystals. Mica’s you will have to sprinkle then mist with your fragrance.

The colorants we sell here at TKB are going to be either the “glycerin based” colors they mention or the “mica powders”. If you want “liquid based”, the simplest thing would be to go to the grocery store and purchase some food colors (if you don’t already have them in your kitchen!).

I have gone to our website and updated it so that if you type “salt dye” into our search box, you will get the colors which I recommend for your project. These colors are both the “glycerin based” liquid colors as well as a handful of unique micas that will add shimmer, shine and irridescence.

For the liquids, I suspect that 4 ounces of colorant will tint your 55 pound bag of salt to a medium shade. If you were also going to add mica to the product (and I do suggest you consider using both), you will probably need about 1/8th teaspoon per pound of salts, so it would take about an ounce or two of mica.

If I were putting together a trial order for myself, I think I would go with this:

Sample of each of the Salt Dyes (Yellow, Blue, Red and Fuchsia) for $6
Sample of liqud Teal Blue (a lovely green/blue) $1.50
Sample of the following micas: starlight blue, sparkle turquoise, sparkle violet, starlight green, hilite gold, for $1.50 each or $7.50.

Total: $15 plus $5.50 for shipping = $20.50. But of course, you can always order more or order more variety.

Finally, here are some other instructions that I picked up in my research:
Coloring Sea Salts: Be sure to use FD&C approved, or herbal, colorants for bath salts. It is recommended scenting the salts first and then coloring. Once you mix in the color, let sit in a sealed container overnight. The color will disperse for a more even coverage.

How to use: the crystals can be colored with mica or liquid coloring. To color, place the crystals in a sturdy plastic zipper bag, add the mica or colorant and shake until the crystals are coated to your liking. Mist with fragrance oil or essential oil as desired and spread out on parchment paper to dry. For a more translucent appearance, the crystals can be rinsed with water and air dried prior to coloring and scenting. They’re pretty when used in their natural state too.

Hope this helps!

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Desiree Meyer - February 2, 2018

Great article! And yes! It helped me out greatly. I love your company. I only have one problem with it-I WANT EVERYTHING! Lol.
Thanks again for the great article. Your company really has a nice human touch to it. I think the rest of the world has forgotten about this. Have a great weekend and thanks again.
Desiree ?

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