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TKB's Covid-19 Updates (last updated 4/13/20) CLICK HERE

Siliconyl Polyethylene

$ 1.65

Siliconyl Polyethylene is a viscosity modifier wax with unique formulating advantages. It reduces the hardness of finished products and offers creamy textures with low viscosity. It also improves thermal stability and is a SPF boosting agent.

Polyethylene, Polycyclopentadiene, Stearoxy Dimethicone.Melting point: 65 - 75ºC

Our Siliconyl Polyethylene wax is perfect for formulate emulsions, sprays, sunscreens, anhydrous (no-water) sticks or creams, and all color cosmetics (mascaras, eye liners, hair care products, lipsticks, make-up, balms etc). 

This wax is a dispersing aid for sunscreens