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Five Tips for Running a Sustainable Clean Beauty Business

Five Tips for Running a Sustainable Clean Beauty Business

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s one of the cornerstones upon which successful clean cosmetic companies are built. If you have questions about why sustainability is important and how to source sustainable ingredients for your products, TKB Trading is here to help.

Sustainability has a variety of short and long-term impacts. It supports the health of individuals, communities, and ecosystems. It promotes a better economy with more jobs and less waste and pollution and preserves natural resources. And since consumers are increasingly turning to businesses with a reputation for sustainability, it can also boost your bottom line.

The following five tips will help you set your clean beauty business on the path to sustainability.

1. Source Ingredients Responsibly

Too many sustainable cosmetics entrepreneurs make the critical mistake of buying randomly labeled ― or mislabeled ― ingredients from unestablished or unverified companies that aren’t actually suitable for cosmetic use.

For over 20 years, TKB has provided high-end raw materials in hundreds of colors, easy starter kits, and even eye-catching packaging to beauty businesses and sustainable DIY beauty crafters alike at great prices. TKB stands for Truth, Knowledge, and Beauty. We take great pride in sourcing ingredients responsibly, labeling our products properly, and providing all necessary supporting documentation so our customers can be confident that the products they create meet their personal criteria for clean beauty.

2. Harness the Power of Technology

Using technology — including hardware, software, cloud storage, and automated processes — wisely can dramatically minimize your company’s impact on the environment. It can also increase productivity and efficiency, improve employee job satisfaction, and raise your bottom line. TKB utilizes cloud computing, which reduces our energy consumption and carbon emissions while ensuring that our critical files are secure.

3. Train and Empower Employees

You will be able to reach your sustainability goals much more quickly if your whole team is excited about your vision. At TKB, our office parties feature fun contests that teach employees the difference between green, recyclable, and compostable waste, and we also have appropriately marked bins. Similarly, we empower our staff by encouraging them to think of different ways to reduce waste, including their use of paper products, at every step of the manufacturing process.

4. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sometimes, eco-friendly packaging means using alternatives to plastic, such as biodegradable “peanuts,” but this isn’t always feasible. For example, at TKB we package most of our products, such as makeup colors, cosmetic micas, and shimmery powders, in plastic. We choose plastic bags instead of jars because that allows us to pack more products in a flat-packed container, thus saving on shipping and packaging. Plus, this strategy significantly reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

5. Go Zero Waste

Simply put, a zero-waste policy ensures that all materials used in the production of your products and in your offices will be recycled and used again. A zero-waste policy tells your customers that your brand cares about their health and the welfare of the planet. It will also attract new customers.

If you are not able to fully implement a zero-waste policy today, you can pledge to do so by a particular date. For example, you can announce, “Our company is committed to being 100% zero-waste by January 1, 2023.”

We look forward to helping you create and grow your sustainable beauty business by providing sustainable, clean cosmetic ingredients. Shop confidently at TKB for cosmetic ingredients that are sustainable and clean.


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