Micro Fine Silk Powder

$ 1.50
A very fine, silky and white, with no taste or smell. It averages 3 microns in size. It is typically used in loose powder cosmetics. It will not dissolve in water.


Ingredients: Silk.  Note:  this product is NOT Vegan.


Silk powder is a popular additive to both powder and liquid cosmetics, as well as hair care products:

Silk adds a sheen to your makeup products as the light is reflected Silk contains 18 amino acids which are easily absorbed into the skin Silk both reflects and absorbs UV rays Silk is a natural moisture-adjusting product which can absorb or release moisture as the temperature and humidity change. It is also a powder which "breathes" Silk is an oil absorbent and is suitable for cosmetics for oily skin.

You won't need a lot of silk powder to add benefit to your product. Recommended usage rate is 3% - 20% of the formula. Having said this, some people do use large amounts of silk powder to make a "veil" or "finishing powder".


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