ZipLock Bags: 2" x 2"

$ 1.99
Very handy, small  2 mil. zip lock bags.





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    In the beginning, I bought these for mixing different mica's, then I discovered they were perfect for storing earrings, necklaces and beads and other small items. These bags keep my jewelry organized and easy to locate. They are very sturdy and thicker than 2x2 bags in the craft stores.

    Don't pass by these! I can't live without these baggies for samples as well as mixing up small test shadows or mica colors. I wish they came in bigger sizes as these have outperformed the others when it comes to repeated smoothing. I haven't had a seam bust yet and they're clearer than the others. I take my eye shadow colors and put them in these baggies inside a 3 ring binder with trading card pages so i can see at a glance what a color looks like or show people.

    These bags are a good size for storing your pigment samples. They are also on the stiffer size so it is easier to manipulate when you are opening and closing them. I've gotten these kinds of baggies at other craft shops and these are the best quality I've seen!

    I use these for samples, to keep a "copy" of the color for my self, for eye shadow trial-formulating and to keep foundation color grinds in. Also great for tiny stuff like pills, or small craft-things. Really a must!

    In our economy it is normal to want to save a buck or 2 here and there.. And that is what I did with buying sample baggies...but in the end, I came back to Kaila's. They are the best on the market and I won't ever change again. So if you have wondered about them, don't wonder again. Try them and you will never leave them.

    These baggies are perfect for sending out samples in.  They are priced right too...I mean come can't beat this price!  I love these...they are sturdy and the perfect size.
    Perfect for sending out samples of your makeup!

    This is the perfect size baggie to send out samples!  They are nice and clear, have a good seal on them and are thick enough to last repeated use.


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