ZipLock Bags

$ 5.65
SKU QF-301-100
2 mil. plastic bags with a zip lock. (Note the 6x4 bags are 4 mil).





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         6x4 bags : These are wonderful and strong bags.  They open and close securely, even with frequent use.  I use them to store Swarovski crystals for jewelry making, and they protect the contents very well.  The bags have a staggered edge grip so you can easily open the bags.  The edge grip is also the perfect size; not too narrow and not too high.  These are the best bags ever!

      3x4 bags : Extremely useful and handy when creating different colors, bases, etc

      3x4 bags : I have these, and I also have the 2x2. I found that the 2x2 was not giving enough room to stick a foundation brush into the bag, so I bought these to send my samples of foundations, veils, and blushes in. These bags are perfect!

    3x4 bags : I use these to mix eyeshadows, and they do not leak!

    3x4 bags : These are great for sending out sample products. They are priced nicely too!

      6x4 bags : mixing and storing test colors, mailing samples, small beads I want to keep together. These are high quality and don't leak on me, the way sandwich bags do. They are super sturdy. Two thumbs up. I should note that I have MS and opening bags and closing them can be a nightmare for me, if I'm having a flair-up. These bags make my life easier.

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