Travel to Mercury

$ 1.65
SKU KQ-102-2.5g
Shifts from Red Gold to Bronze.


Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (778161), Silica.

Unlike the other "Travel to . . ." colors in our line, Travel to Mercury is not a whitish powder with subtle shifts in hue. Instead, this powder is super-saturated with color. It is probably the most fabulous of the entire family!

. . . Travel To Mercury is natural mineral silica blended with iron oxides. If you rub the powder across a piece of white paper with black background and tilt the paper, you will seea reddish, coppery heat which transforms into a warm bronze, almost a greenish gold, as it is tilted and turned.

The powder has a nice medium sheen and is excellent for all types of cosmetics.


Particle size (5-50 µm).

Here are the guidelines for "best use":
◦*Use the color alone or in with small amounts of dark colors such as blue, black or green
◦*Use in transparent, translucent or semi-opaque formulas (for example: lip gloss, not lip stick)
◦*Mix it gently (avoid grinding it in a mortar and pestle or blender)
◦*Package in transparent packaging to show off the color shifting



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