The Ye Olde Neon Liquid Collection

$ 14.95

08/02/2016 Update: Ye Olde Lime Green has been reformulated for better pigmentation.

Bright, stable, non-bleeding pigments especially popular with Melt and Pour soap makers.  This set includes 1/2 fl oz each of:  Blue, Orange, Jailhouse Red, Green, Purple, Red, Eye Poke Orange, Yellow, Pink and Lime.


Ingredients: Glycerine, Pigment. Not cosmetic-grade and therefore no specific ingredients list is provided. This product is not approved for use in cosmetics such as shampoos, bath salts or lotions.


1 fl.oz. of a concentrate will color approximately 24 pounds of soap to a medium shade. Generally the liquids are preferred by and recommended for Melt and Pour soap makers.

Warning: This color is particularly sensitive to high temperatures. If it is overheated it will clump and that clumping is irreversible. Please keep temperatures below 170 F. The pigment is also sensitive to exposure to alcohol. If you spritz it with alcohol, it will clump at any temperature. Please do not spray the product with alcohol.