Saturn Yellow

$ 2.65
SKU LG-301-6g
Bright Yellow. Stable and non-bleeding in soap.
There is no ingredients list provided with this pigment..USA and EU not permitted for cosmetic use.Recommended for soap making.

Warning: This color is particularly sensitive to high temperatures. If it is overheated it will clump and that clumping is irreversible. Please keep temperatures below 170 F. The pigment is also sensitive to exposure to alcohol. If you spritz it with alcohol, it will clump at any temperature. Please do not spray the product with alcohol.

The powder form is recommended for Cold and Hot process soapmakers as it blends in easily with a stick blender and does not introduce extra glycerin to the formula. A 6 grams (our sample size) of the powder will color approximately 3 pounds of Cold/Hot Process soap to a medium shade.