Liquid Concentrates Sampler

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20 different Pigments and dyes in a glycerin base.  NOTE:  This is for soapmaking, not for lipsticks.  If you are looking for the lipstick colors, which are dispersed in castor oil, please search our website for "Lip Liquids".

Includes the following colors : Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow, Bright Blue, Tomato Red, Teal Blue(cosmetic dyes), Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Pink, Black Oxide, White, Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Kelly Green, Teal Green(cosmetic pigments), Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green (non-toxic, non-cosmetic pigments), Pearl White (shimmery mica).


 Glycerine, Red #33 (17200), Yellow #10 (47005), Yellow #5 (19140), Blue #1 (42090:2), Red #30 (73360), Green #3 (42053), Ultramarines (77007), Iron Oxide (77499), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77288), Chromium Oxide Green (77288), Basic Violet 11 (45174), Disperse Violet 26, Resin, Basic Red 1:1 (45161), Solvent Yellow 172, Solvent Green 5 (59075), Pigment Green 7 (74260), Fluorescent Brightener 184.

1/2 fl.oz. of color will shade approximately 12 pounds of soap to a medium shade.


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