Colored Micas (Powders) - Sampler

$ 11.50

An assortment of different colors colored micas.  We can pick for you randomly, or you can give us special instructions (example: only blue colors, colors approved for lips, super glittery vegan nail polish colors).


The ingredients are depending on what special instructions you give.


We have lots and lots and lots of different colored micas. We typically pack our samples as 6 grams of color in a plastic zip lock bag, labeled with FDA approval information (e.g., "approved for use on lips, eyes, face, or nails"). For more expensive colors (about 20 of our 250 or so total colors), we pack those only as 2.5 grams.

In our sampler pack, we get to pick the colors but we promise to give you a good assortment. If you have particular needs (example: only colors which are approved for use on the lips; or, no colors which contain Carmine), just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.