Recipe For Sweet Berries

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Sweet Berries

Designed by Kristina


Phase A

2 oz. Versagel

1 Large Scoop of Carnauba Wax

1 Large Scoop of Candelilla Wax

Phase B

2 tsp of castor oil

4 Large Scoop Cotton Candy Mica

4 Large Scoop Strawberry Pop!

Phase C

4 drops of Vitamin E

4 drops of Black Cherry Flavoring oil

1 Large Scoop of Stevia


Heat Phase A until runny. Blend Phase B and add to Phase C. Stir Phase A and B/C until it is all incorporated. The heat from the mixture helped melt the stevia and helped everything meld together. Pour into tubes or pots.

Designer Comments:

This color is really pretty...It is sheer, and is nice for daytime. It gives a hint of color. I had to work fast in order to get it dispensed into the lipgloss tube, because as it goes back to room temperature, it gets very thick. It feels nice on the lips

In this formula, Tina is using TKB's plastic Recipe Scoops for measuring.

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