Recipe For Pink Cream

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Another bit 'o perfection by Linda, one of our premiere formulators!
  • Pink Cream

    Designed by Linda

    Phase A

    10g TKB Lipstick base

    8g Castor Oil

    1.4g Carnauba Wax

    0.6g Ozokerite Wax

    Phase B

    10 drops TKB's White Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Red #21 Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Pigment Yellow Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB's Natural Red Lip Liquid

    2cc scoop (~ 1g) Pearl White Mica

    2cc scoop Cosmic Carolyn Mica

    2cc scoop Cloisonn‚ Red Mica

    0.50g Radiant Gold Mica

    0.60g Artisan Coral Mica

    Phase C

    0.20g Dimethicone

    0.50g Cyclomethicone

    0.30g Glycerin

    A few drops of Vanilla flavour oil

    30 drops Vitamin E


    Melt Phase A in the microwave in short burst, stirring frequently until melted. Mix together Phase B until smooth then add to Phase A; stir until cooled. Add Phase C and Pour into molds.

    Designer Comments:

    These recipes make highly pigmented lipsticks. Is was hard to find the right balance between creamy/soft enough and at the same time not have it break in the mold.



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