Recipe For Lady Luck

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Lady Luck

Designed by Gretchen


Phase A

12 grams beeswax

6 grams candelilla wax

10 grams Shea butter

20 grams jojoba oil

20 grams avocado oil

Phase B

20 drops of TKB Natural Red Lip Liquid

4 Tad scoops of cote d azure mica


Melt Phase A in the microwave in short bursts (or your choice of melting method). Add Phase B, stir well until all the pigment is dispersed. Pour into lipstick mold or tubes and cool.

Designer Comments:

It's better for balm tubes as it's not quite hard enough for lipstick tubes but I photographed it in as a lipstick tube as it's really pretty and I think it needs to be visible.

Lady Luck is very sheer in color and soft. For more color payout, consider incorporating pigments.

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