Recipe For Feisty Lip Stain

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Very effective as a stain. Best in a tube.
  • Feisty Red Lip Stain

    Designed by Rowena

    Phase A

    ¬ tsp Glycerin

    5 tbsp Everclear 151

    Phase B

    ¬ tsp Red #7

    ¬ tsp Red Oxide 170

    ¬ tsp Red Oxide (Blue Shade)

    ¬ tsp Allantoin

    « tsp Hydrolyzed Silk

    « tsp Hydrolyzed Pearl


    Dissolve Phase A together. Combine Phase B ingredients and grind. Blend Phase A and Phase B. Pour into containers.

    Designer Comments:

    The color of the stain is a warm red and is sheer if applied lightly but you could apply more layers to achieve a deeper and opaque color if you wish. The first time I formulated without the glycerine but the Vodka was a little drying. So I added glycerine.

    This formulary will result in a sheer stain which dries on with a low gloss finish. If you have sensitive lips, you may wish to avoid the recipe as it contains alcohol, which can be drying. Everclear may be substituted with 80 proof Vodka. This formula will result in a liquid which will need to be stored in a tube and applied with a wand.



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