Recipe For Deceptive

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Pink with a coloring-shifting mica, thus the name "Deceptive". Hard to photograph, lovely to look at. Very pink, sticky lip gloss. Best in a tube.
  • Deceptive

    Designed by Annika

    Phase A

    6.29g Versagel

    0.45g Squalane (or substitute with a light oil such as almond oil)

    Phase B

    0.21g Travel to Jupiter

    1 drop (aprox 0.04g) Red #21 Lip Liquid


    Heat Phase A. Vigorously blend Phase B into Phase A. Pour into containers.



  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I didn't have any Travel to Jupiter, so I used Travel to Venus...It came out the same as the color in the picture, but I know that the when the color shifts, it is different than the recipe...Still I love it!  What a great idea for a lippie color.  I am going to get the Jupiter, just so I can make it and see how the color shifts...I can't wait!

    I finally had the travel to I needed to make this, and it is my ALL TIME favorite color now!  It is also my all time favorite LIPGLOSS.  Adding squalane into the versagel is fabulous..It is the smoothest, and creamiest lipgloss ever.  YOU MUST TRY THIS:)

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