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Phase A

2% (0.12g) beeswax

2% (0.12g) candelilla wax

14% (0.84g) cocoa butter

31% (1.86g) castor oil

44% (2.64g) jojoba oil

Splash of Vitamin E oil


Phase B

1g sericite mica

0.1g part silica microspheres

0.5g part silk

2g Raspberry Pop mica

0.5g Queen Kathryn mica

0.25g Blueberry Pop mica

0.5g Hilite Violet mica

0.25g Apple Green Pop mica


Melt Phase A in microwave in short bursts, stirring between each, until ingredients are fully incorporated and melted. Mix together Phase B. Add as much of Phase B as you want to Phase A. I recommend 0.42g of powder (7%) to the Phase A quantities. Mix and put into tubes or pots.

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