Recipe For Chocolate Truffles Lip Balm

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Cara #2

Designed by Cara

Phase A

1 part Microcrystalline Wax


Phase B

4 parts Cocoa Butter

4 parts Castor Oil

Phase C

4 parts Raspberry Pop mica

3 parts Orange Pop mica

3 parts Velvet White mica

2 parts Green Pops mica

1/2 part Copper Sparks mica


Microwave Phase A for 1.5 minutes atmedium power in the silicone bowl. Add Phase B and microwave an additional 2 minutes at medium power (may need more time depending on microwave). Add Phase C, blend, and cool

Designer Comments:

(Done by volume NOT weight)
I recommend trying this in a tube since its pretty hard. However, due to the large amount of cocoa butter, it melts pretty easily by skin contact so a jar would work, too.

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