Recipe For Cara One

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Metallic with a copper pink sheen
  • Cara #1

    Designed by Cara

    Phase A

    1 Part Fractionated Coconut Oil

    2 Parts Petroleum Jelly (like from the drugstore)

    4 Parts Versagel

    Phase B

    1 part Swiss Chocolate mica

    2 parts Velvet White mica

    1 part Lemon Pop mica

    1 part Raspberry Pop mica

    1 part Tangerine Pop mica

    Phase C

    1 gram Castor Oil

    Combine Phase A in a zip baggie. Shake Phase B together and add to Phase A in the zip lock bag. Squeeze and squish until well blended. Cut off a TINY tip of the bag and squeeze it into the container.


    This recipe is really easy.and feels way better than any of the complicated stuff I tried. I was melting and mixing and stirring...then I had some thoughts of just using some products at room temp that didn?t need to be melted. Here is what I ended up with that "lived well together." For a smoother finish, you could also melt them together.



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