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Autumn Kiss

Designed by Deborah Cooper

Phase A

40.0 g TKB Lip Balm Base

3.5 g Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

12.5 g Apricot Kernel Oil

10.0 g Fractionated Coconut Oil

15.5 g Castor Oil

Phase B

1 lg .50 scoop Boron Nitrate

1 lg .50 scoop Pashmica

0.20 g Vitamin E

0.80 g Flavoring Oil

Phase C

8 drops Laquer Red lip pigment

4 drops Pigment Red lip pigment

2 drops Chocolate Brown lip liquid

3 drops Pigment Mauve lip liquid

13 drops Pigment White lip liquid

1/2 teaspoon Be My Valentine

2 lg .50 scoops Blush Beige

1 lg .50 scoop Hilite Copper


Melt together then add Phase B. You will want to stir this a few times as it cools down. The silica in the pashmica help to thicken this gloss a bit. Once fully incorporated add Phase C. Dispense into wand style lip gloss tubes

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