Planetary Sampler

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8/1/2017 Update:  This product is anticipated to restock at the end of August.

A collection of color-shifting micas including: Travel to Mercury, Travel to Mars, Travel to Earth, Travel to Venus, Travel to Neptune, Travel to Jupiter, and Travel to Pluto.


Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (778161), Iron Oxide (77491), Silica.


Travel to Mercury: Shifts from red-gold to bronze Travel to Mars: Shifts from red to copper to gold Travel to Earth: Shifts from light green to rose Travel to Venus: Shifts from lilac to red to silver to green-blue Travel to Neptune: Shifts from turquoise to blue to violet Travel to Jupiter: Shifts from gold-green to silver-green to blue Travel to Pluto: Shifts from silver-green to silver-red to green-gold