Natural Clay - Cocoa Brown

$ 3.00

An absorbent and adhesive chocolaty clay.

This colorful clay is great because:
It's an anti-aging clay, as its natural minerals (silicon and iron) provide oxygen to the skin, keeping it firm. Its high absorption capacity makes it very helpful for oily skin.


Ingredient: Illite
Composition breakdown of the mineral elements:
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2): 50%
Alumium Trioxide (Al2O3): 16%
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3): 6%
Calcium Oxide (CaO): 4%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 2%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5): 0.15%
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 3%
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2): 0.75%



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