Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide (MTTD)

$ 1.50
Titanium Dioxide which has been surface treated to improve water repellency, slip and adhesion.


Titanium Dioxide (77891), Methicone.


Titanium Dioxide is a standard whitening powder used in cosmetics. When it is surface treated with methicone, the result is a powder which has a high water repellancy.

As a result our MTTD stays loose and free-flowing in loose powder formulations (over time, plain old TD can absorb water from the air and become a little clumpy). It is also more water repellent than regular TD, making it a good choice for "active wear" cosmetics.

If you compareMTTDto our Oil Dispersible Titanium Dioxide (its closest cousin), you will discover that it has a better slip (lessdrag) on the skin. Additionally, ithas improved adhesion.

MTTD has improved "payout",and the result is a better even-toned coverage.

All of our Titanium Dioxides are ANATASE


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