Make Your Own Matte Liquid Lipstick Base Recipe

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1. Gather your tools and rinse with alcohol before use.
2. Weigh your ingredients.
3. Mix Phase A ingredients together. Mix until completely dissolved. This process will take 5-10 minutes.
4. Add Phase B to Phase A mixture.
5. Use spatula or Mini Mixer mix until you see no more clumps.
6. Heat Phase C to 80 degrees Celsius over a double boiler.
7. Heat Phase A+B to 70 degrees Celsius.
8. Take off heat. Add Phase A+B to Phase C with mixing.
9. Add 2 drops of Preservative Cap-2 and continue mixing until temperature reduces to 45 degrees Celsius (warm to the touch).
10. Transfer the base into a zip lock bag.
11. Snip off the corner and fill in air tight containers.

To color your creation, add about 1.5 of powdered dye and about 0.3 grams of titanium dioxide (prewetting with Dimethicone 1.5 is recommended) and to about 9 grams of uncolored base. This will make one full-sized lip gloss.