Lovely Colors Collection

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6 grams each (approximately 1 tablespoon) of our 10 Lovely Colors.

The Lovely Colors are especially suited for crafters, soap makers and cosmetic manufacturers selling to the European Union looking for colors which are:




Awesomely Lovely

In the soap examples photo, the darkest intense color is equal to one sample bag of pigment per pound of oils and the lightest color is equal to approximately 1/2 teaspoon or 1/6th of a sample bag of pigment per pound of oils.


Note:  While the pigments are cosmetic grade, not all are approved for cosmetic use in the USA.  The Lovely Collection is recommended for crafts (painting, dipping and the like) and soap making and cosmetic use in the EU.  

EU Use only in Washoff and Nail Polish: Perfect Blue, Electric Violet, Turquoise Blue, Blue Ribbon

All EU uses, no Eye use in the USA, all else OK in USA: Lemon Yellow, Berry Red, Rouge Red

USA and EU use in Washoff and Nail Polish: Summer Yellow, Vivid Tangerine, Hot Pink


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