Liquid Lake Sampler (Salt Dyes Collection)

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SKU KV-504-1/2floz

Our Liquid Lakes are designed to color bath salts, bath bombs and aromatherapy crystals. They also work fine inlotion, shampoo, soaps and other toiletries. Note: great in Melt and Pour soap, but not tested in CP or HP soap.

This sampler includes one of each of our Liquid Lakes: Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, Warm Yellow, Tomato Red, Warm Red, Baby Pink, Bright Orange.

Glycerine, Blue #1 (42090:2), Yellow #10 (47005), Yellow #5 (19140:1), Red 30 (73360), Red 40 (16035), Red 27 (45410:1), Orange #5 (45370:1).1 drop of Liquid Lake turns one 1 tablespoon of salt to a medium shade.

Using TKB's Liquid Lakes to color Salt Dyes

This product is a DYE (not a pigment) mixed in glycerine. It is water soluable and it will color the bath water you put it into. If you use too much in order to make a really strong color, you run the risk of staining the tub or a washcloth.

For this reason, we recommend a light touch.

The easiest way to color a bath salt project is to put the raw ingredients in a plastic bag, squeeze in the appropriate amount of Liquid Lake, and then mush it all together. Kind of like kneading bread. Generally, we recommend 1 drop of dye per 1 tablspoon of product to get to a medium shade.

The Liquid Lake may be used "as is", but if you feel it is too thick to work with you can either heat it up gently to make it more viscous, or you can add water to it.

If you choose to add water, you may add as much as 1 part water to 1 part dye. Because glycerine is a natural preservative, you may store this for up to a year without worry. However, if you do add this much water, you will see some settling out of color, and you will have to shake the bottle before each use.