HP1 Z-Cote Zinc Oxide

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UV Protection with this sunscreen ingredient made for your cosmetics and lotions.  This is a hydrophobic (dispersible in oil; a.k.a fat loving), coated with Dimethicone zinc oxide which is compatible with all oil phases.  It is recommended for a loose powder formulation because it will tend to not absorb the moisture in the air over time which would result in a clumpy powder.

Recommended to easily disperse into a Water in Oil emulsion (typical of a commercial/high performance lotion which has more oil - including silicone oils.


Zinc Oxide (77497), Triethoxycaprylysilane.


Particle size (Contains agglomerates / aggregates of nanoparticles).

All Z-Cotes contain aggregates of nano-particles with primary particle size of less than 200 nm. As a result, these Z-Cotes are transparent, non-staining, non-greasy when applied to the skin by using them alone or mixing them in cosmetic formulas yet still offer both broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

We recommend Z-Cote for sun protection. However, be reminded that if you make a formal claim as to SPF protection of a product which you sell, you are considered by the FDA to be selling an over-the-counter drug. The FDA would require you to conduct independent testing of your product to confirm the SPF rating which you are marketing.

Sunscreen Approval Status and Usage Limits:

US: up to 25%
EU: up to 10%
Japan: Zinc Oxide approved with no limit
Australia: Zinc Oxide approved with no limit 


⚠️California Prop 65 Warning

Click here for our company FAQ on these warnings

⚠️California Residents: To the best of our knowledge, this product does NOT contain ingredients listed by the State of California under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) as being known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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