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11/4/2015 Update:  We have a handful of these kits prepacked and are selling them at a deep discount since Halloween is over!  If you want an inexpensive way to jump into polish making, this is a good choice.  While supplies last only.

Fly or float,

just don't be tardy,

to my Halloween DIY party!

...... could be the title of your do-it-yourself Halloween party invitiations! This kit is great for you and a friend or two (or a little sister).  

Includes enough bottles to make 5 mini polishes; if you want to make more than 5, just purchase more bottles and base.  You will already have plenty of colors from the kit.


Numerous, see FAQ's.

What's included?

 The kit includes: 

5 Empty Nail Polish Bottles (TKB's Elizabeth Bottle) 2 fl oz Uncolored Franken Polish Nail Polish Base (TKB's Luster Base) 3 Stir Sticks 3 Mixing Polishes (Red, Blue, Yellow) (7ml each) 3 Scoops
3 Spout Top Caps 30 Small Mixing Beads (TKB's Small Monster Beads") 20 (2x2) Mixing Bags (Not shown in gallery)
1 set of three stackable 5gr Jars For Glitters  1 Rhinestone Strip

4 Glitters :

Black Fiber (2.5g) WHITE Skull (2.5g) Adam & Eve Glitter (2.5g) Life On Mars (2.5g)

Every bottle holds 5ml nail polish base.  To that, you will add the recommended amount of 1-5 drops of mixing polishes, and 1-2 scoops of glitter (optional). 

Basic Instructions:

1. Fill the 2x2" ziplock mixing bag 2/3 full with of nail polish base.  Pour slowly and zip the top of the bag to see if it is 2/3rd full or not because the tendency is accidentally pour more. 

2. Add 1-5 drops of mixing polish colors, or glitter. You can add more drops of colors if needed.

3. Zip the bag closed and start blending and mixing until there are no speckles.

4. Drop a small bead to the bottle. Slowly pour the polish into the bottle.  We think it is easiest if you cut a small hole at the corner of the bag and pour that way.  Fill up to the shoulder of the bottle, leaving room for the brush!

5. Insert brush on the bottle first, then screw the top onto the bottle. Then you're done!!!

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