Design-It-Yourself Nail Polish Kit

$ 53.65
SKU QH-306
This specially curated nail polish kit is suitable for the woman drawn to Victorian architecture and vintage lace. Her dressing room smells of soft and delicate roses sent to her by a secret admirer. When gazing upon her jewelry box you see strands of pearl necklaces taken off between morning tea and a mysterious, romantic evening...


  • Everything you need to create your own nail polish using our hand picked collection of romantic, sophisticated mica powders. Recipes and instructions included.
  • What's included?

    The kit includes:

    9 Pre-Filled Nail Polish Bottles: 3 Clear Base, 2 Red Base, 2 Yellow Base, 2 Blue Base
    1 Top Coat Nail Lacquer
    10 Brushes and Caps
    6 Mica Powders, approx. 2g each
    2 Diamond Scoopers
    Mixing Beads
    12 Themed Labeling Stickers
    1 Pack of Decorative Rhinestones (color may vary)
    5 Instruction Cards with Over 20 Beautiful Color Recipes

    Safety Reminder: Create your nail polish in a well-ventilated area. Firmly replace mica container lids when in storage. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep away from open flame or any excessive heat source. Store product in cool temperatures. Adult use only. Harmful if swallowed.

    If you decide to come back and order more of the pigments here are their TKB names:

    Titanic gold / TKB's Titanic Gold 
    Rose / Apricot  
    Royal / Anastasia  
    Steam engine / Titanic Silver  
    White star / Arctic Gold  
    Anchor / Moonstone 

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