Dark Translucent

$ 1.50
Ready-to-wear loose finishing powder.


Mica 77019 12001-26-2, Titanium Dioxide 77891, Iron Oxide 77491 1309-37-1, Iron Oxide 77499 1317-61-9, Bismuth Oxychloride 7787-59-9, Preservative.



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    This picture is a very close representation of what the product looks like. I would say the actual product appears a tad more earthy peach with a slight pink tone in natural light. That said, I don't use it for a setting or finishing powder over my entire face (my skin tone is golden brown), but rather as a beautiful, subtle peach blush. It's great for a natural look, or to tone down other bright or bold blush colors. Seems to control oil somewhat, however my cheek area can become very oily throughout the day so it all depends. I love the matte finish, it has a very fine, smooth texture and blends very well. This a great inexpensive alternative to what is currently on the market these days.