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Cellulose Seal

$ 8.65
SKU QF-113-1

A fast-drying, clear lacquer to seal the color on your lips.

Ethanol, Ethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, color and fragrance.

Cellulose Seal is a fast-drying fixative where the active ingredient isEthyl Cellulose.

Its primary use is to sealcolor on your lips.You simply apply your lip color, then brush on the Cellulose Seal and allow to dry for 30 seconds. It forms a clear, low-luster lacquer seal on top to make your lipstick last longer.

Cellulose Seal may also be used to define long-lasting color accents as part of your eye shadow or face-painting design. You have to work fast (since it dries in 30 seconds), butif you dab a dot, or paint a line of CelluloseSeal on your skin, then follow up with some glitter or mica, you will obtain long-lasting results.

The product comes as 0.25 fl oz in a clear bottle with a roller ball. It is rose colored in the bottleandhas a rose fragrance. The ingredients are: Ethanol, Ethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, color and fragrance.

The bottle comes pre-labled with the name "Lip Seal", directions for use as a lip seal,ingredients list and size. There is no identifying company information, making it a good choice for private label.

Because the product contains alcohol and fragrance, it may be irritating to some customers.