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HOW TO: Baby Shower Eye Shadow Palette



Your best friend is throwing a baby shower, and you don't know what to get her? Here's an idea: an eye shadow palette for her! It's cute, refreshing and summery--perfect for the new mom.



0.8g Colorona Dark Blue
0.6g Satin White
0.15g Zinc Stearate 
0.75g Deep Blue
0.65g Rouge Flambe
0.20g Zinc Stearate
0.75g Shimmer Raspberry
0.35g Satin White
0.15g Zinc Stearate
0.65g Shimmer Green Apple
0.25g Emerald Mica
0.40g Satin White
0.15g Zinc Stearate

 Click here to learn how to turn recipes into eye shadows.



Glam Up Your Palette

  1. Cover part of the palette with white cardboard.
  1. Add embossed stars on white cardboard.
  1. Trim the edge with blue border.

Tip: If you don’t have a border punch, use a small heart punch. Cut the ends of the hearts and put those along the edge as the border.

  1. Add "stitching" on the edge with a black marker.
  1. Cut 3 flowers out of blue and white paper.
  1. Layer them.
  1. Place a golden button on top.
  1. Print out a little “HELLO!” sign and decorate with white and blue ribbons.

Tip: Print out your own message!