Following reviews have been collected over the years.
  ...TKB micas I purchased are superb! Usually I am extremely sparing of using colorants, simply because they're too expensive (I feel like I'm using gold dust), but I found the TKB micas to be very reasonably priced - better than any I've seen, so I can now use colour without losing sleep. I purchased the neon colorants, which are described as being non-bleeding and non morphing, and that's absolutely right. The first test batch of CP soap came out looking great. A real treat to see that the colour that went into the mould was the same after the 24 hour cure time. Thanks to TKB for making my soap-making much easier and more effective. Best wishes. GO (Mexico)
  I've been using your silk powder as a base before applying my mineral makeup. It absolutely ROCKS! My mineral makeup goes on so smoothly and effortlessly now. : ) JF.
  I just wanted to tell you that your site is super user-friendly, well laid out and it has a fun, colorful look. Not to mention that your product and customer service are by far the best around. Don't change a thing! TB.
  I love the site and your products. Your prices are great and you have a wonderful selection and your shipping is super fast. CC.
  I love this place. SH.
  Your service is fantastic . . . worthy of a bouquet of flowers. I don' t know how you keep up with the emails, but your turnaround time is so quick! All the best! ET.
  This is a great site! JN
  Love the colours and the delivery time was the same as ordering from the other side of Australia! CM (NSW, in Australia).
  I love your service, your products, your site is easy to navigate, you have always offered great customer service. I appreciate you and all you do for me! I have no way of improving your business! SC
  I love the ways you guys do everything. Your prices can't be beat, you have a great selection of colors and products and your shipping is extremely fast. KA
  I think your site is great, it is easy to use and find what you are looking for. I have been very pleased with all the products I have ordered. Shipping is prompt and everything is packed well and marked. SH.
  I think your website is great and easy to shop on . . I think your prices are reasonable and your service is fast and reliable. I love doing business with you! Keep up the good work. MH
  Love your products and services! Website is very easy to understand and use. Also love the quick shipping. I can always count on you. Thank U... :) TC
  I thank you or a present of the wonderful mask which you gave to me at time of last order. I use the present which you gave me very happily. Thank you. YK (Japan)
  I love you website . . . you are awesome. JJ
  Kaila, you are so sweet to get this order out on Friday, which I believe is your "day off" . . . received it Monday. Just Super, many thankx! RH
  Your site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. RH
  Your site is the best on the internet. Very user friendly and extremely informative! Your prices are the best . . . you have definitely worked hard on this website to bring customers what they want! MP.
  I must say your site and customer service is the best I have seen yet. LK
  Hi Kaila . . . thanks so much for helping us figure things our and for being so wonderful about everything. We will be customers for life. We love the quality of your products, and have greatly appreciated your help on this issue! : ) TL
  I have ordered a few times and have been very impressed with TKB. I have received my orders very quickly, even a week or two ago when there was a notice that Kaila was on vacation and so things would be delayed. My order wasn't "delayed" at all compared to some other companies' shipping times! I'm very pleased with the service, the products, the packaging, everything. Being new to making mineral makeup, I also greatly appreciate the detailed description of each item. Highly Recommended. MEN
  I have the shipment, and I am THRILLED! Many Thanks. Cyndy.
  Thank you, it was very nice doing business with you. S. Turner.
  Kaila, you are always in control of everything. Glad you are there to help! Pat.
  I read good reviews of your products and services and decided that I should give you a try . . . . R.
  Hello Kaila! The jars are beautiful and the powders are just gorgeous. Thanks!!!! Kachana (Japan).
  Just a little message to tell you that the new colors I have received are FANTASTIC. Blue Ice is the most beautiful color I have ever seen! Don't ever stop selling it, please! Thanks a lot!
  I've heard so much good about your company and customer service and OMG, you were really fast! Thanks! Hanne (Europe).
  I really love your products and service and the amazing fast shipping. I bought many many colorants from other suppliers but I'm not satisfied with their service. Really slow shipping. It takes more than 7 weeks to get my order . . . your company only six days. WOW! Lucy (The Netherlands).
  Your prices are great, I have no complaints! Katie.
  Hi Again. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the silica microspheres, so much in fact that I had to buy more. Its so great its almost comparable in texture to national brands. Erin.
  I am very very satisfied with the items (very beautiful), super fast shipping and great service communication. Thank you so much. Really great. Hope to deal with you again soon. Lucy ( The Netherlands).


  As I said before, your soap base is the best! Susan.
  Hi this is Hitomi from Japan. I just wanted to let you know that I got my parcel last Friday. I'm now very looking foward to play with them to make my own MMU : ) Thanks again! Hitomi.
  What great service you guys have! I cannot get over how FAST I get my orders! A million thank-you's! Val.
  Hello, I just wanted to write to say how pleased I am . . .I have shopped many places for mica and base powders and your site is by far the best. Lowest prices and great selection. I have ordered a few products and I am extremely happy with the quality of your mica colorants. And the shipping was fast enough to make my head spin. All in all, I have become your newest loyal customer. Erin.
  Hi there. I've been meaning to email you since my first order with you . . . you guys have the BEST shipping! I'm in Canada and getting anything from the US always seems to take two weeks, except TKB orders! I made my last order on July 7th and received it on July 11th! That's amazing and I really appreciate it. My orders haven't been large, but your shipping department doesn't seem to make that distinction as such speeding delivery is worthy of a much larger customer. It's really nice to have such "cadillac" treatment from your customer service/shipping department. Mary.
  Oh. I forgot how fast you all are, which I LOVE!. Thanks for your great service and products. Kathy.
  I've been telling soapmakers about your website and about your colorants and announced it at the Soapmakers Guild in Portland in May . . . thank you so much for all your wonderful colorants, keep up the great work! Irene.
  I just want to say a huge Thanks for helping me when I was in a bind. My son's wedding was a few days away and the supplies I ordered from another company to make favors for the reception had not yet arrived. I panicked. Then I remembered you from a few years back . . . I decided to see if you had the particular supplies I needed and if you could get them to me before the wedding. Well, you did, on both counts. I am so grateful to you for your superb service and quality products. Annette.
  Very appreciate your service. Your micas are beautiful! Cecilia.


  I have been purchasing your colorants and I alsolutely love them. I have been using them "as is" and my friends love them too. Tia.
  I read rave reviews about your site and company on makeupalley.com. Tina
  Thanks again, you have been wonderful. We are very excited to get all those lovely colors. I know we will order from you again, great products at wonderful prices. Rebecca.
  Kaila, you're the best! Thanks for the advice. Taylor.
  Hi. Just to let you know I received the order today. I was so surprised! I wasn't expecting it until next week. I just love the colours, your site photos don't do them justice. Thanks! Becky
  Thanks so much for looking into all of this for me! It’s greatly appreciated (and impressive) . . . I’m at ease now thanks to you! Thanks a lot,Candace
  Hi Kaila, Wow! I placed my order on Friday, May 19, and received it yesterday, Monday, May 22! Now THAT is what I call a "Fast Turnaround"! Whew! Thanks so much. Now, I'm looking forward to playing with all the micas I ordered. JoAnne.
  By the way, I think your site, the info, the prices and everything are amazing. I very much enjoy doing business with you. Donna
  I also want to let you know how wonderful your melt & pour soap is. I tried a couple of other places & it didn't come close to yours in softness & long lasting bars. Thanks for your time. Debra.
  I wanted to compliment you on your customer service, every time I have had a question you have responded back promptly. Thank you! I will continue to recommend you to fellow soap makers. L.S.

I just wanted to thank you for the package...we just received it today, that was super fast!!! Thanks again! Rebecca.


Good morning! Thank you so much for getting that last order out to me so fast! That was fabulous! I have been wearing my masks and love them too!!! H. H.

  Got your parcel came today. thank you great service. Patricia.
  Oh my goodness! I just got the Mica's and they are awesome!!! Thank You
so much for the SPEEDY ship. And the Kitty masks are just darling!
Thank You! I hope we will be able to do co ops in the future!!
Again, I cant tell you enough..THANK YOU! K. Hughes
  Thanks Kaila, you're the TOPS! Exactly what I needed to know. M. Waters.
  Kaila, YOU ROCK!!!! Peggy.
  Many thanks for responding. We have contacted a variety of businesses and have not had a response from anyone other than you! We appreciate your assistance. Donna.
  Hello. Wow, I did not expect to get a reply back so quickly. Thank you!
  I receive my orders from you all lightning fast, I get your packages in less time than I can send a letter locally, go figure! I can't thank you enough for all your help. Your products and customer service are impeccable. No wonder I was referred to you in the first place. Kathy.
  I just did a transaction with one of my wholesalers for $2,300 and I'm hoping to change my suppliers and that you can be one of them. Your colors are beautiful . . . I adore your great communication. Crystal.
  I love working with Kaila. Her service and advice are great. I can't believe how quickly I get my orders from her. Where would my soap be without Kaila??!! Sharelyn.
  Hey Kaila, I just got another order the other day, literally three days after I ordered! Wow, love the fast service, thank you!
  Wow, I am really impressed! I just received my first order of mica powders and this certainly won't be my last. Your careful attention to packaging and detailed labels (and gorgeous vivid clear mica colours) leave no doubt in my mind that you are a quality company to deal with. That you for high quality service and products. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others! Sandi B.C., Canada.
  I have to say that I'm impressed by the ethos of your company and the amount of clear information on your website. In an area where so much is held to be 'secret', it is very refreshing. After all, anyone with a brain cell knows that makeup isn't exactly rocket science. Keep up the good work. Kim.
  Wow, once again you EXCEED expectations. This is why I always recommend TKB on the Soap Dish Forum any time anyone mentions/asks about colors and mineral makeup.
  Kaila, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the service that you have given me every time I have ordered! I have ordered from dozens of mineral companies and yours if BY FAR the best. Not only do I know I am getting quality minerals, but I know that I will get them within a couple of days (and we live on opposite sides of the US). I love the new website, and can't wait to see your new containers. Becki.
  Hi Kaila, I just wanted to let you know I'm really happy and impressed with the new Titanium Dioxide. Thank you for letting me know when you got it in stock. Lynn.
  To whom it may concern: I just want to thank you for such a wonderful company and a great product. I've had so much fun experimenting with makeup. I hope you never go out of business. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Satisfied Customer, D.G.
  My minerals have just arrived and I am so happy and pleased! Thank you very, very much for great help, smooth transaction and great minerals. Happy, happy wishes. Malin in Skelleftea/Sweden.
  I recently ordered a mineral makeup kit, mica samples, pigment samples
and some sifter jars from TKB. The shipping cost was a bit more than
anticipated but Kaila let me know about the change before my order was shipped. She
was friendly, helpful and very quick! I received my order only a few days
after ordering (and I'm in Canada, too!) and every item was neatly and safely
packed. I plan on re-ordering soon! Kelly
  Hello, I placed an order for colorants from you a couple weeks ago and everything was great. Thanks! Holly
  Kaila, thanks for such fast shipping. I ordered the lip stick mold. It was shipped the 23rd and arrived today. It was in perfect condition and well packed. Thanks again. Greg.
  Hi Kaila, I just wanted you to know I received my package today. Your 1 tablespoon "sample" is VERY generous, more than enough for me to play with. Thank you. Can't wait to go home so I can play with them. Heh.

Hi Kayla, I really appreciate the super quick delivery of my order. Thanks for such great service. I have other things to order later and will remember the personalized service that you gave. Respectfully, Bobbie

  Just a little message to let you know that, being a regular customer, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with your fabulous products (especially the lipstick and lipbalm bases) and excellent service! Thank you so much! Marjolaine, Quebec.
  Hi Kaila, Thank you very much for your help with the care and feeding of the lipstick mold. I'm glad I asked, too! I was going to give it a good washing. As you suggested, I found that a good wipedown with oil cleaned off any residue just fine. I'm using peanut oil until I can get some mineral oil. I hope this is okay, since I use peanut oil to preserve my aluminum wok.
I'm having a great time with the mold. It's a well-designed piece of equipment that's easy to use and works beautifully! I've already made two batches . . . Thanks a bunch for your great service! C.E.
  Hi Just to let you know I received my order and I'am so pleased. The
colors are beautiful & the way you packaged them is great. Tks so much S.T.
  This is my testimonial: I looooved the sparkle bronze and diamond cluster. When you open the bag of diamond cluster (a small amount will just float from the bag), it looks like magic. It is like the stars have fallen from the sky and are floating around you . . . I have been a loyal customer for a long time now. For anyone out there that is thinking of ordering from TKB, you will not be sorry and you will not find better prices and quality anywhere else out there. Kaila and the others at TKB are great folks to work with and they don't put your concern on the backburner . . . I will be a customer for life. Believe me, I have searched high and low for suppliers and for the volume I need, I can't find better prices anywhere and it is great that you can get affordable and generous samples before you buy a large bag of something. R. Brown.

I wanted to let you know that I am a member of a few yahoo groups and it was in one of those groups that your company was highly recommended so I thought I would give you a try. Thanks.

  Super service and exact product match. You are the best. Pat.
  Hi. Just to let you know I received my order and I'm so pleased. The colors are beautiful and the way you packaged them is great. Thanks so much. S.T.
  Thank you very much for your help with the care and feeding of the lipstick mold . . . I'm having a great time with the mold. It's a well-designed piece of equipment that's easy to use and works beautifully! I've already made two batches . . .Thanks a bunch for your great service! C.E.
  Just a little message to let you know that, being a regular customer, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with your fabulous products (especially the lipstick and lip balm bases) and excellent service! Thank you so much! Marjolaine, Quebec.



Thank you so much for taking the time to put my orders together. I really appreciate it. I am very satisfied. I am an aspiring makeup artist who hopes to one day open up my own makeup line. I will definitely being doing business with you guys again . . . I am very excited in mixing my own colors. RK.