Antique Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Apple Blossom
Apricot Mica
Apple Green Pop
Aster Hue
Angel Wings
Aqua Sparks
Australian Amber

Ballad Blue
Be My Valentine
Bismuth Oxychloride Pearl Sheen
Bishop's Violet
Black Amethyst
Black Cherry
Black Mica
Black Oxide
Blackest Black Matte Tone
Blackstar Blue
Blackstar Red
Blackstar Green
Blackstar Gold
Blue Iris
Blue Steel
Blueberry Pop
Bolera Mica
BoronNitride and Boron Glow
Brilliant Glitter Red
Brilliant Gold
Brown Oxide
Brown Oxide Oops
Bronze Basics
Bronze Mica
Bronze Fine
Bronze Reflecks
Bronzed Gold
Burning Leaves

Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Capricorn Sea
Cedar Red Natural Clay
China Jade
Cinnamon Matte Tone
Chameleon Fine
Chromium Oxide Green
Cloisonne Red
Cocoa Natural Clay
Colorona Bordeau
Colorona Dark Blue and Blue ColoronaRusset
Copper Sparks
Cotton Candy
Cloisonne Red
Copper Basics
Copper Fine
Copper Penny
Coral Reef Blue
Cosmetic Fluorescent Blue Violet
Cosmetic Fluorescent Orange
Cosmetic Fluorescent Strong Pink
Cosmetic Fluorescent Strong Yellow
Cosmic Carolyn Cote D' Azur
Crucible Gold
Crucible Khaki
Crucible Red
Cyprus Green

D&C Green #5
D&CRed #7 Lake
D&C Red #21 Lake
D&C Red #27 Lake
D&C Red #30 Lake
D&C Red #33 Lake
D&C Yellow #10 Lake
Dark Brown Oxide
Davy's Gray
Deep Russet
Deep Blue
Deep Green
Desert Sage Natural Clay
Diamond Cluster
Dusty Rose
Earth's Blush Natural Clay
Extra Bright
Extender White
FD&C Blue #1 Lake
FD&C Red #40 Lake
FD&C Yellow #5 Lake
FD&C Yellow #6 Lake
Ferric Ferrocyanide
Forged Gold
Flamenco Super Pearl
Flamenco Super Pearl

Garnet Mica
Gemtone Ruby
Gleaming Gold
Glimmer Green
Glitter Chameleon
Glitter Bordeaux
Glitter Copper
Gold Basics
Gold Fine
Gold Reflecks
Gold Sparks
Grape Parfait
Grape Pop
Green Sparks
Harvest Yellow Matte Tone
Her Majesty
Hilite Red
Hilite Orange
Hilite Green
Hilite Blue
Hilite Gold
Hilite Violet
Hilite Copper
Hot Mama
Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green
Hydrolyzed Pearl
Hydrolyzed Silk
Ivory Lace
Ivory Lace
Ivory Lace
Ivory Lace
Ivory Lace
Indian Blue
24 Karat Gold
Kaolin Clay 
Lemon Drop Pop
Libra Blues
LL Sericite
Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo
Lovely Leo
Mermaid Collection
Moondust Collection
Magic Violet Manganese Violet
MM Sericite
Magnesium Myristrate
Mermaid Gold
Methicone Treated Sericite Mica
Midnight Blue
Micronized Titanium Dioxide
Magnesium Stearate
MTTD (Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide)
Microfine Silk Powder
Microfine Pearl Powder
Moonstone Mica
Murasaki Violet Matte Tone

Natural Green Clay
Nite Glow Powder
Neon Blue
Neon Orange
Neon Pink
Neon Purple
Neon Red
Neon Yellow
Noble Sparks

Obsidian Natural Clay
Ocean Green
Ochre Oxide
Omega Blue
Orange Oxide
Oriental Beige
Pink Coral
Passion Orange
Patagonia Purple
Pearl Basics
Pearl Blue
Pearl Pink
Pearl Green
Pearl Violet
Pearl White
Pearl Yellow (Butter Yellow)
Pennsylvania Green
Piccadilly Red Matte Tone
Pink Coral
Pink Crystal
Pinky Pink
Pink Red Blue
Pink Red Violet
Pisces Blue
Pluot Purple Matte Tone
Polished Silver
Purple Sparks

Queen Kathryn
Radiant Gold
Raspberry Pop
Red Basics
Red Oxide, Red Shade
Red Oxide 170
Red Oxide 541
Red Oxide Blue Shade
Red Sparks
Rice Powder
Rose Talc
Rouge Flambe Red
Starbite Collection
Sage Green
Satin White
Satin Pearl / Fine White
Satin Orange Gold
Sage Green
Scarlett O'Hara
Sericite Mica
Sienna Fine
Silk Mica
Smokey XXX
Soft Blue
Soft Aqua
Soft Black
Soft Blue Violet
Soft Bronze
Soft Brown
Soft Gray
Natural Clay
Soft Green
Soft Mauve
Soft Red
Soft Violet
Soft Yellow
Sparkle Blue
Sparkle Bronze
Sparkle Gold
Sparkle Rose
Sparkle White
Sparkle Turquoise
Sparkle Violet
Starbright Green
Starlight Blue
Starlight Gold
Storm Mica
Strawberry Pop
Super Pearl
Sericite Mica
Sericite Mica
Sericite Mica
Silica Microspheres
Silica Microspheres
Silica Microspheres
Swiss Chocolate
TKB's Matte Texture Base for Eyes
Tangerine Pop
Taurus Orion
Tibetian Ochre
Translucent White
Transparent Gold
True Yellow
Travel to Earth
Travel to Jupiter
Travel to Mars
Travel to Mercury
Travel to Neptune
Travel to Pluto
Travel to Venus
Twilight Green page one page two page three page four page five
Titanium Dioxide OIL
True Blue
True Coral
True Green
True Red Orange
True Yellow
Turquoise Tweak
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Pink
Ultramarine Violet
Valley Mauve Natural Clay Velvet Verdigris Gold
Warm Adobe Natural Clay
Yellow Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Zinc Stearate
Zion Views
Cote HP1


Amethyst Gel Tone
Antique Copper Gel Tone
Antique Gold Gel Tone
Avocado Concetrate
Black Liquid Concentrate
Blessing Blue Gel Tone
Blowout Blue Gel Tone
Bright Blue Concentrate
Bright Purple Concentrate
Bright Yellow Concentrate
Blue Salt Dye (Liquid)
Bronze Gel Tone
Brown Concentrate
Bright Red (Fuchsia) Concentrate
Bright Orange Concentrate
Clean Your Room Green Gel Tone
Cloud White Gel Tone
Jade Gel Tone
Kelly Green Concentrate
Lip Liquid Red #7
All Lip Liquids (generic)
Lip Liquid Yellow #6
Lavender Concentrate
Leaf Brown Gel Tone
Melon Concentrate (Cantelope)
Neon Blue Concentrate
Neon Green Concentrate
Neon Orange Concentrate
Neon Pink Concentrate
Neon Yellow Concentrate
All Neon Concentrates
New Grass Green Gel Tone
Orange Oxide Liquid Concentrate
Polished Silver Gel Tone
Peach Concentrate
Pearl White Gel Tone
Perfection Pink Gel Tone
Popsicle Purple Gel Tone
Purely Purple Gel Tone
Radiant Gold Gel Tone
Relay Race Red Gel Tone
Ruby Gel Tone
Sapphire Gel Tone
School Days Orange Gel Tone
Slicker Yellow Concentrate
Sparkle Gold Gel Tone
Sparkle White Gel Tone
Teal Blue Concentrate
Teal Green Liquid Concentrate
Tomato Red Concentrate
Tomato Red Salt Dye (Liquid)
Ultramarine Blue Concentrate
Ultramarine Pink Concentrate
Ultramarine Violet Concentrate
White Concentrate (Titanium Dioxide)
Warm Yellow Salt Dye (liquid)
Yellow Oxide Liquid Concentrate


Apricot Kernel Oil Avocado Oil
Beeswax (yellow and white)
Castor Oil Candelilla Wax Carnauba Wax Cocoa Butter
Emulsifying Wax
Glycerine USP Grapeseed Oil
Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
Jojoba Oil
Love 10 Perfume
Microcrystalline Wax MyMix Pressing Medium
Nail Lacquer (all kinds)
Olive Squalane
Polysorbate 60 Preservative Cap 5
Silicone Gel
Versagel ME