End of August Summer Palette Project


August End of Summer Palette Project

August Palette Project

What You Need to make the Eye Shadows

Some baggies to mix your colors in

Set of Recipe Scoops (small, medium and large)

Pressing Ribbon


26mm Press Pack

1 Palette (I recommend the Glittery Gold)

My Mix Press Base (sample size)

My Mix Clear Pressing Medium

Preservative Cap 5

The following colors:  Bronzed Gold, Black Mica, Copper Penny, Lovely Leo, Gold Fine, Colorona Bordeaux. 

Rubbing Alcohol


In a small zip lock bag, measure 3 Large Scoops of color + 1 Medium Scoop of Press Base + 10 drops of My Mix Clear Pressing Medim + 2 drops of preservative.

Seal the bag and rub it between the palm of your hands to mix everything together.  It should look like "wet sand".

Place the bag on a flat surface and using a credit card, library card or emery board, gently sweek the powders back and forth inside the bag and chop at any clumps. 

When the product is well mixed, get your pan ready by spritzing or washing it with alcohol.

Snip a corner off your zip lock bag and completely fill the pan with powder mixture.

Using your Tamper Tool, press down hard.  The powder should smoosh down.

Top off the pan again, place a the Pressing Ribbon on top of the powder, and using your Tamper Tool, press down hard again.

Leave it out for 1-3 nights to dry out. Speed up the process with a heat gun or blow dryer.

Put the pressed pigments into a palette and decorate it.  For this project, I decorated the palette with ribbon and paper.

Here are the recipes!

Dark Brown:

0.60 gBronzed Gold

0.50g Black Mica

0.15g TKB Matte Press Base



0.70g Copper Penny

0.50g Bronzed Gold

0.15g TKB Matte Press Base



0.60g Lovely Leo

0.60g Bronze Fine

0.15g TKB Matte Press Base



0.85g Gold Fine

0.55g Colorona Bordeaux

0.15g TKB Matte Press Base