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TKB's Covid-19 Updates (last updated 4/13/20) CLICK HERE
TKB's Covid-19 Updates (last updated 4/13/20) CLICK HERE

Company Updates

 TKB's processing time 

We recognize that a 7 day processing time is hard for our customers to work with.  To that end, we have hired additional help, and continue to interview for more people, and we are working with temp agencies to fill the gap. As well, we currently work 7 days a week.
We appreciate your patience while we work through this process.  

TKB's discontinuation of products in order to improve efficiency.

TKB has decided to discontinue products which are time consuming to make, have a low demand or for other reasons, are no longer consistent with what we do as a company.

Our anaolgy is the line at the local Starbucks.  People are willing to stand in line for a certain amount of time, but if the line is too long, they become impatient and wonder what the problem is.  Starbucks controls this problem by having enough baristas and also by limiting the variety of their products.  For example, if they were to offer 100 flavors rather than a handful, or 15 sizes rather than a few, the orders would get more and more complicated and lines would get longer and longer, no matter how many baristas they had.   To some degree, that is the problem with order processing here at TKB.  Too many options, each option (order) requiring too much attention.  So we are simplifying by discontinuing about 80 items, most of them the premade, pre-blended glycerine dispersed liquids. Core colors, from which you can make your own blends are mostly still available.  In fact about 80 premade, pre-blended dispersed liquids remain.

If you are impacted by this discontinuation, we apologize.  The decision was made in order to improve and strengthen our company and provide you with a better product line.