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Face Mask

$ 1.25
SKU QG-104-1

Super comfy, washable face mask. These are the type of masks that we use here at TKB Trading when we are handling small amounts of powder.

Please note: We have a variety of colors and 2 polka dot sizes. They are packed and shipped randomly.

Mixed synthetic fabric.

We prefer them over the typical "painter's mask" that most folks use because:

  • They are lightweight and comfy.
  • They are washable (we wash them by hand and hang them to dry like panty hose).
  • They are durable and long lasting.
  • They are effective at blocking odors and dust.
  • They are SUPER CUTE!
These would not be considered "OSHA APPROVED" for heavy or long term exposure to dust, but you may find them adequate for the average crafter/soaper/makeup artist who has limited exposure to dust, lye fumes, nail polish fumes, and the like.
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