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TKB's Covid-19 Updates (last updated 4/13/20) CLICK HERE

Make Your Own Matte Liquid Lipstick Base

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TKB's Matte Liquid Lipstick Base kit teaches you to make a transfer-resistant, long-wear matte liquid lipstick base. You will need to add color to your finished base. Also, please store your base in an airtight container.

Please visit our quick start page for instructions and videos, including how to color your creation.
You will need a scale to weigh your ingredients, so if you don't have one, please add one to your order.

How to Color your Matte Liquid Lipstick Base

We recommend you use Lake Dyes and Pigment Oxides alone or in combination.

Lake Dyes are transparent by nature, so we suggest you use 0.3g of DTTD and 1.5g of dye colors of choice. DTTD is a type of Titanium Dioxide that has been treated with Dimethicone; this provides an opaque background and prevent sheerness.

Pigment Oxides are excellent in coloring lipstick base. When use alone, we suggest you use 1.8g of pigments of your choice.

Note: some oxide pigments are highly pigmented than others (i.e. Red oxide).
They could overpower other colors. If you plan to use it in your lipstick in combination with other pigment or lake dyes, we would suggest you start from 0.3g and play around with different ratio first.

The kit provides enough material to make approximately 6-8 full sized liquid lipsticks. It uses the instructions and recipes which you can download:


Click here to view instructions and recipe.




Included in this kit:

-10 weigh boats and 6 pipettes
-Three zip lock bags (3x4)
-A pair of latex gloves
-Three 15ml glass jars for storage
-Isododecane: 2 floz
-Flake Resin: Two samples (approximately 18 grams)
-Dimethicone 1.5: 2 floz
-Nylon 12: One sample (approximately 2.5 grams)
-Silica Dimethyl Silylate: 1 ounce
-Silica Microspheres: One sample (approximately 6 grams)
-Sunflower Wax: One sample (approximately 9 grams)
-Preservative Cap-2: 1/2 floz