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Hilighting Drops Starter Kit Redux

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The one problem with Katelyn's recipe is that the pigments separate out over time, we have come up with two solutions. The first is our TKB's Gel Maker CC, see video below. The second option is our new product, TKB's Thickening Clay which is a more affordable solution to the problem when you are making large batches.

A kit to create your very own highlighting liquid inspired by the video of Katelyn Galloway (KikiG). Please support Katelyn by subscribing to her channel here:

Please note: We created this kit because we think Katelyn's recipe is simple and easy to follow with inexpensive and generally safe ingredients. Nonetheless, Katelyn has very reasonably asked us to remind her fans that by mixing up your own cosmetics you are responsible for verifying that the ingredients are not irritating to your skin. Also, we strongly encourage you to use the preservative which is included in the the kit at the percentages she mentions: 1 -3 drops per 1/2 ounce bottle of product. Please don't use more thinking that it will make your product safer, or you will make a product which may irritate your skin. Please don't skip it because it will make a product that is unstable over time.

All the tools and ingredients needed to make 5 different highlighting colors in 5 1/2 fl oz bottles, see FAQ for listing.   Here is the recipe that Katelyn provides:
Mix approximately 1 tsp grape seed oil with 2 tsp cyclopentasiloxane and 2 tsp of your desired pigment in your silicone bowl and stir with whisk. Each sample bag contains about 3 teaspoons.  After testing the color for consistency, you may add all the rest of the sample bag.  It can take a little bit of back and forth to find the perfect consistency and, surprisingly, each color is a little different.  Also add 1-3 drops of preservative.  Add 3 mixing beads to your dropper bottle, and pour the mixture into the bottle.


- 5 flint glass ½ ounce dropper bottles

- 6 grams each: Bronze Basics, Blush Beige, Ivory Lace, Glimmer Beige, Jill

- 2 fl oz Grapeseed oil

- 2 fl oz Cyclopentasiloxane

- 1/2 fl oz Cap-5 Preservative

- Pack of 30 Economy Mixing Monster Beads

- 1 Silicone Melter Bowl  (color will vary)

- 1 Whisk