13 Cosmetic Pigments Sampler

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Sep 2018 Updated: You will receive Ultramarine Violet as a substitute for African Violet Ultramarine.

The sampler includes the following pigments:
Titanium Dioxide White, Black Oxide, Brown Oxide, Orange Oxide, Red Oxide (Red Shade), Red Oxide (Blue Shade), Yellow Oxide, Chromium Oxide Green, Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green, Reborn Murasaki Violet (formerly The Color Violet), Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Ultramarine Pink.


Iron Oxide (77492) (77491) (77499), Manganese Violet (77742), Ultramarines (77007). Titanium Dioxide (77891), Chromium Oxide (77288).

Note that all these colors are stable in soap making and all of them are vegan.

In the USA, the Ultramarines and Chromium Oxides are not permitted for use on lip products, while they are in the EU.


ln the sample size, the Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green is 2.5 grams.  All other colors are 6 grams each.

To assure non-speckling in liquid projects, please pre-wet the pigments first.  In soap making, pre-wet with oil or water.  In nail polish projects, pre-wet with alcohol.

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