Color Wheel

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This 5 1/8" color wheel is an easy to use tool that explains the relationships between colors visually and demonstrates the results of color mixing.



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    9 times out of 10, I can recreate a color using this color wheel. Most color wheels are large and bulky, but this one is easy to hold on to when trying to find a match to a color. It doesn't take up much space when you have all your colors and equipment out. 

    I know that I learned this color wheel sometime along the school path, but I have forgotten much. This tool makes a handy reference for mixing eye shadows as well as saving time and products with fewer mistakes. This is wonderful for the inexperienced!
    Judy in Louisiana

    This little handy color wheel really helps you understand colors and how they come together if you have no idea how the work.  You learn the complimentary colors and how they come together in order to create a new one.  I would recommend a color wheel for those that have no idea how the heck to come up with colors especially if you do not know anything in regards to color theory. 

    I don't care how much I think I know about color, I have one of these and I can't live without it. I use it every single day and for more than formulating. Going to the fabric store? Got it in my purse. Paint store? With me. Bead matching? Need it. Don't even start me on my addiction to all things yarn. I won't even consider dying fabric without it and I buy things to repurpose form thrift stores all the time. I've started felting old sweaters that are wool and this is a huge part of it. It helped me understand color theory and I want more of them, cause my one always gets, "put where I know I can find it." A running joke in our house. This is indispensable for making palettes of color and just mixing them in the first place.

    This is a must have not only do I use it for my make-up mixes but I also use it for my art projects.

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